ACM Spider UNA ACM Programming Contest - 10/24/20

Download the contest software from here and unzip it on your team computer.
To start the contest software open a command prompt (CMD.EXE), change to the pc2-9.1.7 folder and type

then press ENTER. Only one team member should run the submission software.

You will use your local machine to develop and test your program solutions. Since this contest is virtual, each team member may use their own computer (normally ACM contests rules restrict each team to one computer). When you have a solution ready to submit to the judges use the contest submission software. The Team Guide describes how to use the submission software to upload your source code to the judges and determine if the solution was accepted (correct). Krispy Kreme Frank Donut

How to use the contest software (Team Guide).

Contest rules, practice session slides, practice session problems, and language references.
Note that you may ONLY USE the listed resources shown on the linked page.

Remember, all input is read from stdin (cin in C++, in Java) and all output is written to stdout (cout in C++, System.out in Java). Your program should NOT prompt for input. Output formatting must match exactly as described in the problem. Krispy Kreme Drake Donut

Contest @ 9 a.m. EDT (8 here) on Zoom
When you connect to the zoom session you must use the team names shown below as your zoom client name.

View the contest scoreboard here


UNA Logical Lions  UNA LionByte